Educational Sponsorship

The Educational Sponsorship Program was started in 1995 and has now grown to include approximately 125 students at different levels, ranging from kindergarten to university. The sponsorships are all direct where donors in Norway give monthly contributions, many of these sponsors are former students, guests or friends of TICC. The sponsored students attend a range of different schools, both inside and outside Tanga. Many are studying at the local village school – Mwahako, while others are studying at universities in other regions of Tanzania. Some of these students have been supported for many years, from primary all the way up to higher education. The educational sponsorship program allows students to pursue their dreams, whereas many are orphans and in need of extra support, while others come from difficult home conditions. Some of our students have pursued studies in the fields of: education, law, social development, youth development, tourism, culture & anthropology and medicine among others. At HAMA we believe that education is empowerment and the key to help these youth achieve their dreams.