The micro-finance work at HAMA started in 2010 when TICC took the initiative to create a Village Community Bank (VICOBA) group for the closest villages. HAMA provided training and follow up for a micro saving and micro loaning group (VICOBA) called “Tupendane”. This first group has later served as a role model for other similar groups. By the end of 2015 the “Tupendane” group has contributed to develop nine other VICOBA groups, with about 300 members in total. Some of the most experienced VICOBA members are now functioning as mentors for those who wants to start new groups.

In November 2015 we started a test-project of direct lending from HAMA to women with special needs and struggles who are connected through other HAMA projects. Before the women get loans,  they are guided in preparing a business plan and how to succeed in starting their business.