Tanga region

There are lots of things you can do in and around Tanga!

The Coast
Great beaches along the whole coast.  Reefs, sand banks and islands for snorkeling and diving. Sign up for a Boat trip in the TICC reception.

Historical Tongoni ruins, Pangani town, Bagamoyo slave market.

The Islands
Islands of Pemba, Zanzibar, Mafia & Chumbe are easily reached by flight or boat from Tanga.

The Inland
Hike and camp in the Usambara mountains. Or stay at comfortable lodges.  Do the Masai walk over several days.

Stay overnight at the Masai boma at Changantu village. See video here.

Sit at the waterhole with a beer, watching the elephants cool off.
Listen to the silent grunt of the lion by night. Watch the hoards of water buffalos.
Start your Safari experience in Mikumi.

Restaurants & Food in Tanga

Mkwabi supermarked
The biggest supermarket in Tanga. They also have a nice cafè where you can buy coffee, ice cream and snack . Link to map.

Food Palace
Situated along Market Street, a good place to rest and meet other tourists. Indian and local cuisine.

Sea Wiew
The best Indian food in town. Link to map.

Tanga Yacht Club
Indian, local and Int’l. cuisine. Nice place to visit after a day in town. Relaxed surroundings and good food. You will have to pay the daily membership fee.

Raskazone Swimming Club
Situated on the way to Raskazone area and the Tanga Yacht Club.
Indian Cuisine. Good food, but you have to be patient since it takes some time!

Pizzeria D’Amore
Good pizza restaurant along the Raskazone road. Close to Mkonge Hotel
Beautiful surroundings and pizza! Closed Mondays. Link to map.

Mkonge Hotel
Peaceful, spacious and nostalgic hotel with good food. Serves Indian Cuisine.
Link to map.

Panori Hotel
Raskazone area. Good food and a nice restaurant outside. They also have a swimming pool. Link to map.

Tanga Beach Hotel
A nice hotel. But there is no beach. They serve all kind of food. And they have a swimming pool. Link to map.


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